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APS MCC námskeið

The Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (APS MCC) consists of at least 25 hours of theory and 35 hours of flight training in a simulator in addition to extensive self-study, online CBT and supplementary materials. (35 hours for integrated students, and 40 hours for modular students).

The objectives with the training is for the student to learn how to cooperate in the airline environment while applying general and practical knowledge of aircraft operations and using all resources available to the crew in a line-oriented environment.

The transition from flying single pilot piston aircraft to a turbojet aircraft at higher speeds with far greater momentum and more advanced systems is challenging. Much of the Airline Transport Pilot theory has been up to this point untried and the course will recap some of the fundamental elements of flying a turbojet aircraft while putting it into the perspective of the multi-crew airline operation.

You will learn jet handling skills using procedures in a full motion Boeing 757-200 Level-D simulator, but keep in mind that this course is not a type rating course and an in-depth study of particular systems is not the scope of the course in the time allotted.

The APS MCC Course is an intense learning environment that requires skilled and experienced instructors to create an effective learning. We are extremely proud to have put together an incredible team as all of our instructors have vast and varied experience as instructors and as airline pilots.