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The Health Academy offers educational programs related to health and health promotion. Personal training is a in total a three-year program designed for people who are interested in a career as a personal trainer or just interested in healthy living. The program has been offered since 2007 and has been immensely popular from the very beginning. Strength training is a one-year program for those who are interested in becoming fitness trainers for athletes. The program has also been popular among athletes who want to be more involved in their own training programs. Podiatry is a three-year program where students get registered by the Directorate of Health as podiatrists. Podiatry is a growing health-care profession in Iceland and the number of students has been steadily increasing and the division has reached maximum ability. Preparation course for the Entrance exam at the medical school at the University of Iceland is a very well sought course with several hundred students taking part each year. It has also been proven to be beneficial for participants since over 90% of those who passed earlier Entrance exams took part in the course. The Icelandic School of Occupational Safety offers courses related to occupational safety including a course in heavy machinery operation.