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Tuition Fees

All amounts are reviewed annually based on index development and other factors that affect the school's operations. Figures and dates are subject to error.

Tuition terms and conditions 2021-2022

  1. A confirmation fee is collected immediately after a student has been accepted into a program
  2. The confirmation fee is non refundable if the student decides not to go on with studies at Keilir Academy. It is subtracted from the tuition of the first semester of studies.
  3. It depends on course of study whether tuition is collected for each semester seperately or the entire program at once due to the differing nature of course arrangement. Tuition should be paid in full before beginning of classes. 
  4. A student that has not paid tuition at the start of term will not be permitted to begin studies that semester and access to teaching systems will be closed.
  5. Tuition is non refundable after courses have begun. Students can pause their studies for special personal reasons if they so wish until the start of the next term, this arrangement is subject to change depending on School and course of study.

Tuition at Keilir Academy schools

Here you can find tuition at our schools:

Examination and certificate price list


  • Copy of report card: 1.000 ISK
  • Translated graduation certificate: 1.000 ISK
  • Certificate of course completion: 1.000 ISK
  • Verification of admission: 1.000 ISK
  • Printed course description: 1.000 ISK per page (1.750 ISK max)
  • Gratuation Certificate by certified mail: 3.000 ISK


  • Keyfob: 3.500 ISK (250 printed pages included)
  • Printing quota: 10 ISK per page

Examination fees

  • Retake exams: 6.000 ISK per exam. Note that payment for retake exams needs to be recieved 2 weekdays before examination day at the Keilir Service desk or through bank transfer to Keilir Academy.
  • Third retake exam at Health academy and University Center: 22.500 ISK

Payment information

  • Retake exams at the Preliminary Studies, Health Academy and Ásbrú Secondary School
    Account number: 0326-26-31
    ID: 500507-0550

Please send receipts to our finance department