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Professional Pilot Training at Iceland Aviation Academy will begin on 31 August 2021. Upon completion of your studies, you will obtain a pan-European commercial pilot license.

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Modular ATPL

The Modular Airline Transport Pilot Program is a combination of required and necessary courses. The main advantage of the modular program is that it is more flexible during the study period and is therefore suitable for applicants with families or other obligations that need to be fulfilled that can affect the student.

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The Private Pilot Program is intended for those who want to become private pilots and want to engage in scenic flights on small single-engine aircraft, for the enjoyment of themselves and their passengers. After completing your private flight training, you will acquire a pan-European private pilot license, which entitles you to fly a single-engine airplane on a free-to-air passenger flight in many parts of the world. Private pilot training is both fun and challenging, which is divided into theoretical and practical training.

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FI (A)

The Flight Instructor Certificate is a good way to gain more experience after you have completed the commercial pilot training, and it gives you the opportunity to improve skills that are in demand by airlines, e.g. cooperation between two pilots, identify hazards and intervene when necessary and guide another pilot in the right direction.

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Professional Advancement Programs

Iceland Aviation Academy offers a variety of professional advancement program for pilots and flight instructors to renew and add to their licenses and ratings.

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Student testimonials

Practical lessons for the future

Studying at the Aviation Academy was great, experienced teachers, great environment and practical lessons for the future.

Steingrímur Páll Þórðarson, professional pilot at SAS

Student testimonials

Flexible training, good prices and motivated instructors

I am very happy about my time at Keilir and Iceland. Flexible training, good prices, motivated instructors, good resources and modern visions. In Iceland you get exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and challenging environments that makes it perfect for training. Just the option of flight school I was looking for.

Christina Thisner, professional pilot at SAS

Student testimonials

Everyone is headed in same direction

The ground training was well structured, the teachers excellent and everything was set up in a professional manner. I especially liked the class structure as it is good to have a group of students around you where everyone is headed in the same direction.

Marteinn Urbancic, professional pilot

Student testimonials

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