Images from the Adventure Guide program

Nicki Samsom-Kapp, part of the Keilir-TRU Graduate Class of 2019, took these awesome photos during her year at our program.
Nicki's from Vancouver Canada. She came to Iceland in 2013 for vacation and loved it so much she decided to apply for the program at Keilir in 2018.
"The Adventure Guide program has been incredible. I’ve gone on some unreal adventures and have learned so much. I feel as though I’ve seen parts of Iceland that not many foreigners get to experience. As well, I have made friends that I’m confident I will have for life" says Nicki.
She plans to work in outdoor adventure media, focussing in videography, in the future. "This program offered me the opportunity to expand these skills and gave me some real experience. Though I am going back to Canada after graduation, I’m sure I’ll be back to Iceland soon."
You can follow Nicki on her Instagram @nicole_skapp