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Adventure Guide Studies During a Volcanic Eruption

Fagradalsfjall at nighttime
Fagradalsfjall at nighttime

The next class of Adventure Guide Studies will start in August of 2021 and is open for applications.

Adventure Guide studies are an eight-month university program for adventure guides by Thompson Rivers University. The program is an introduction to adventure sports and the adventure industry with extensive time on field activity courses and compressed and modularized classroom course instruction. This is the ideal program for entry-level adventure students and students wishing to explore their career interest in adventure-related fields.

On Friday, March 19th a volcanic eruption started in Fagradalsfjall (beautiful valley mountain for those who don't speak Icelandic). The eruption is quite small in scale and there hasn't been much disruption in daily life as a result. The Civil Protection and Emergency Management have opened the area for the public to visit. Recent findings project that the eruption may last for up to a year.

Travelers have however been instructed to approach the area with caution as it is a UNESCO Global Geopark and has a unique geological history – which is progressing in plain view.

Exploring the area while maintaining an exiting view for future visitors and navigating the different circumstances which can arise regarding the weather and geological conditions can be tricky and require some skill. For this reason, we have decided to add a course to the Adventure Guide curriculum that will provide students with instructions and practical knowledge on guiding travelers through an eruption site and provide students with an up close and personal view of the area around Fagradalsfjall guided by skilled instructors.

Information about the Adventure Guide Studies Program