Arnar Sigurjonsson is a graduate from the IAK Personal Training Program

The ÍAK personal trainer program is a practical foundation for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in physical training, coaching or a healthy lifestyle in general. It is optional to follow the program alongside your regular day-job, which I found to be a great advantage.

What I found to be the most beneficial part of the program is that the foundation is built from physical therapy studies. It is key for all personal trainers to understand range of motion and muscle activation in the body before advising others how to apply themselves.

Every course is managed by a specialist in its field who put great ambition in sharing their knowledge to you. I often contacted teachers outside of classes in those subjects I found to be the most interesting and they always gave themselves the time to get back to you with useful feedback.

I recommend the program for anyone who is considering making a career for themselves in personal training, whether it is for athletes or the general public.

By completing the program and obtaining the degree you will receive a certain acknowledgement within the personal trainer profession which will carry you forward in the industry.

Arnar Sigurjónsson is an ÍAK personal trainer graduate from 2016. He's currently the strenght and conditioning coach for both the Icelandic National Women's and the Women's U-20 Basketball teams.