Innovation Academy of Tourism

The Innovation Academy of Tourism is a cooperative effort founded by Keilir Academy, the Icelandic Tourism Cluster along with Visit Reykjanes.

Its goal is to accelerate innovation and growth within the Icelandic tourism sector while maintaining a high standard of sustainability and responsible tourism practices in cooperation with foreign and domestic partners.

All courses are conducted through flipped learning where all study materials are made available to students online and they can watch it as often as they need, wherever they like. They can send the teacher questions as they come up and the answers are made available to all students. Classroom work consists mostly of assignments and cooperative learning, where the teacher is there to support and instruct rather than lecture.

For further information about our courses and programs click the tabs below or contact Þórir Erlingsson, program director

  • Are you familiar?

    Students are introduced to Icelandic geography along with conditions and standards of the countries most popular tourist sites. Students will gain an understanding and further knowledge about Iceland’s main tourist spots, their history and status.

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  • Civilizations

    It is important for tourism service providers to be familiar with various cultures and the main differences between them. This course focuses on the different cultures and target groups that visit Iceland. Students will gain an understanding of how to best meet the various requirements of different cultures along with the main issues of cultural differences.

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  • Computer System of the Travel Service

    This course explores the main types software used by Icelandic tourism companies. Students receive practical training and will gain an understanding of the purpose and functionality of the main computer systems used in the Icelandic tourism sector.

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  • Customer Service

    This course aims to investigate how the best service and customer experience can be ensured for different groups and demographics. Students will gain an understanding of the main methods of service and the ability to distinguish the needs of different groups.

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  • Entrepreneurship

    The ways available to make business ideas a reality are investigated in this course. Students gain an understanding of the world of the entrepreneur and can work on bringing their own ideas to life.

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  • Hospitality Management: Theories and History

    How do we treat customers? The goal of most if not all companies is to provide good service to their customers. In this course we will investigate how we service different groups of people and how best to ensure a good customer experience. After the course, students will be able to identify the main methods of service and may distinguish needs of different groups.

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  • Natural Protection and Environment

    The main concerns regarding environmental protection are explored along with the responsibility of individuals and companies in tourism. Students will gain an understanding of the main categories of conservation, challenges of environmental protection and the future challenges in relation to nature and tourism.

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  • Social Media in Tourism

    This course explores the effects of social media on day-to-day operations and activities and how it can be used to make the workplace more exciting. Students gain an understanding of social media and how it affects tourism companies and their employees.

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  • Sustainable Travel Service

    In this course the theories of sustainable destinations along with the socio-economic impact of tourism are observed. Students gain an understanding of the key theories on sustainability and the often involuntary impact of tourism on communities.

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