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The Housing Department oversees Keilir Academys' school buildings and Keilir Apartments.

Conduct in and around school buildings

Keilir places great emphasis on good manners and students are kindly asked to take part in keeping the house and grounds tidy along with the school staff. Throw rubbish in bins that are in the corridors and take good care of classrooms and other spaces and all the equipment that belongs to it. Students are asked to use the green bins in the printing room to dispose of paper. Food consumption is not allowed in classrooms. In the school lobby there are vending machines with soda and sweets. All treatment of alcohol and other drugs is strictly prohibited at school.

Furniture and equipment

It is not permitted to change the arrangement of tables and chairs or move furniture or other equipment between classrooms without the permission of the housing department.

Lockers in the hallways

Lockers are rented out to students for the school year, for more information on leasing is provided at the service desk.

Smoking on school grounds

Smoking is prohibited on the school grounds. Smoking in and around the school entrance is strictly forbidden. This also applies to e-cigarettes.

Parking on the school grounds

Marked parking lots are around the school and students are asked to respect those markings, parking spaces can also be used by the gymnasium, Andrews and the church. There is a marked parking space for the disabled at the school's main entrance. Parking on the school lawn is prohibited, owners of cars parked in this way or disregarding other markings may expect them to be removed at their expense and without notice.