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Four schools operate under the umbrella of Keilir Academy: University Center, Iceland Aviation Academy, Health Academy and Ásbrú Secondary School.

Between six and seven hundred students are registered at our schools annually on both the secondary and university school level. The center aims to fill in the gaps within the Icelandic educational system in close cooperation with local industries. 

Academy for Preliminary Studies

Our University Center offers preliminary university studies for students who have not finished secondary education. Preliminary Studies students have gone on to study at a variety of both Icelandic universities and universities abroad. University Center programs are conducted in Icelandic. 

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Iceland Aviation Academy

Iceland Aviation Academy is one of the leading flight schools in the Nordic region. The school offers first grade pilot programs for those seeking both private and commercial pilot licenses. An emphasis is placed on modern teaching methods in a unique flying environment with open skies and challenging conditions.

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Health Academy

The Health Academy offers a variety of programs within the field of health, sports and training. The Academy offers programs in personal training, strength training, an adventure guide program, occupational health and safety courses, a podietry program as well as a preparatory course for preliminary exams for in medicine and physical therapy. The health academy offers two programs conducted entirely in English: Adventure Guide Studies as well as the Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate.

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Ásbrú Secondary School

Ásbrú Secondary School offers a matriculate program in Game Development as well as a variety of online courses on the secondary school level. Programs and courses are conducted in Icelandic. 

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