Keilir Campus

Keilir Housing Division offers students to rent affordable two-bedroom apartments in Keilisgarðar (Keilir Academy Campus). The apartments are located on Keilisbraut on Ásbrú in Reykjanesbær and within walking distance of the school's main building. On the second and third floors of the building there is a large communal kitchen with stoves and a communal laundry room and living room. Included in the rental is heating, electricity and a housing fund. Rental prices are indexed. Animals are not allowed in the house.

Apartment type A

2 rooms (62 m²)
The apartment has a living room, kitchen facilities and a private bedroom. Electricity and heating are included in the price.
Price: 132.000 ISK per month.


Apartment type B

1 room (22 m²), shared area (18 m²).
A residential unit with two single rooms and shared cooking facilities and a bathroom.
Price: 72.000 ISK per month.

Apartment type C

2 rooms (62 m²)
A residential unit with two single rooms (B) rented as a small apartment where the second room is used as a living room
Price: 132.000 ISK per month.

Click here to apply for housing at the Keilir Campus

Other housing options

The Housing Department will assist students that require larger apartments in the area advertised at Heimavellir website. Please contact Keilir Housing Department for inquiries regarding student housing.

Housing Subsidies

Students can apply for housing benefits, please visit The housing department can assist you with the application.