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Good practice in education during Covid

The first physical kick-off meeting for the Erasmus+ BestEDU project took place in October, with participants from eight European educational intuitions joining for a two-day meeting in Denmark.

The two-year project - which emphasises on bringing together good practice and innovative approaches in European education and training during Covid - is funded by the Erasmus+ EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.

Project meeting in Denmark

University College South Denmark hosted the first project meeting, which took place over the course of two days in the towns of Kolding and Haderslev. During the meeting project partners met with school representatives and students in the International Business College in Kolding to learn about management perspectives on activities at IBC during Covid lockdown. Additionally, the group learned about experiences with online teaching during Covid through an extensive study across nine higher educational institutions in Denmark, as well as lessons learned from emergency remote teaching in Vocational Education and Training during and post Covid.

As a part of the project results, the participant experiences were documented and highlighted with audio and video interviews. This summary of results will be shared both during the project lifetime on websites and social media, as well as project results and outcomes at the end of the project in the Spring 2023.

Resources (in Danish)

What is BestEDU?

The project will seek to collect good and innovative practices from the movers and shakers in European education and how they adapted their schools, education, training and teaching activities to the global Covid pandemic. By assembling real stories from educational and training providers across levels, we seek to create a collection of proven reactive methods for dealing with any future situations where schools, teachers and learners have to adapt, change and react to uncontrollable outside forces.

This will also give us an opportunity to look at possibilities to learn from the early adapters and seeks ways to implement good and innovative practices across different fields and levels of education.

The objectives will be to collect and disseminate these practices, develop and deliver training seminars, as well as organise and test new approaches where teachers and trainers implement these practices within their own fields of education.

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