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Keilir Apartments House Rules

Keilisgarðar – Keilir Apartments, is apartment building at Keilisbraut 746, Ásbrú, with apartments for rent for students and clients of Keilis. In all other respects, the rental agreement and the use of the premises are bound by the Housing Rental Act 1994 no. 36, which includes that the rights and obligations of the tenants, as well as the services and obligations of the landlord, are the same as in the general rental market.

Art. 1 – General handling
Residents of Keilir Apartments are obliged to handle with care apartments, common areas and plots and not to disturb the normal use, work- or sleep of other residents of the building or cause them discomfort or disturbance. After 23:00 to 07:00, no loud noises can be made which may disrupt other residents; using washing machines is not allowed at this time. If parties are held on any occasion, the beginning of this period may be moved in consultation with other residents of the building. Smoking and drug use are strictly prohibited in the premises of Keilir Apartments. The Tenant (Lessee) shall compensate for damage to the premises or its accompanied accessories, which will be caused by himself, his roommate, or other persons whom he has allowed the use of the premises or the handling of it.

Art. 2 – Care of common areas and plots
Residents are obliged to tidy up and clean common areas of the house after using it and make sure that there is no stuff in the common areas that interferes with cleaning. It also refers to its plot. If these obligations are neglected, the Landlord (Lessor), acc. lease agreement, has permission to have the work carried out at the expense of residents. Parking at Keilir Apartments is for the residents of the house and their guests. It is strictly forbidden to park in unmarked parking spaces in front of the entrance as well as specially marked parking spaces. It is not allowed to drive or park cars on plots by the houses. Handle properly the plot and common areas outdoors. Residents must handle stairwells properly; it’s not permitted to store resident’s belongings there.

Art. 3 – Residents
Apartments in Keilir Apartments are for rent only for students and clients of Keilir and only individuals (A-apartment) and couples (B and C apartments). Residents are not expected to be living with children on the premesis.

Art. 4 – Guests
Guests are the sole responsibility of the resident in question and must follow all established house rules. The residents are obliged to ensure that household members and guests respect the rules of conduct and are responsible for any damage caused by guests.

Art. 5 – Privacy
The entire building shall have privacy from 23:00 - 07:00.

Art. 6 – Smoking and drug use
Smoking and drug use are completely prohibited in Keilir Apartments premises, both in apartments and common areas.

Art. 7 – Animal handling
Pets are not allowed in Keilir Apartments premises.

Art. 8 – Common areas
All common areas of Keilir Apartments, both indoors and outdoors, are the joint responsibility of the residents and they must also handle them neatly. Common areas indoors include lobbies, stairwells, corridors and laundry rooms, while outdoors all sidewalks and barbecue facilities. Other spaces in the house are NOT for the use of residents. It is strictly forbidden to leave furniture or other personal belongings in the above areas. If this is done and the Landlord needs to have things removed, this can lead to additional costs for the residents of the house. Motorcycles or similar equipment may not be stored in common areas.

Art. 9 – Laundry rooms
Laundry rooms at Keilir Apartments are common areas of the population and the Tenant has a duty to take good care of them and ensure that other residents do the same. The areas should be handled in accordance with good treatment practice and their intended use. Residents should agree on the use of the laundry rooms and clean and tidy after use. This involves finishing all the washing, both from the washing machine and the dryer as soon as the use is over and leaving it in a good position for the next user in every way. Note: All equipment in the laundry is the sole responsibility of the residents of Keilir Apartments and the use is subject to the agreement of the residents. Residents must respect the wishes of the owners of equipment and pay close attention to the handling and care of equipment without a shepherd that has been left behind by previous residents. In the event of a device failure, residents are advised of the cost-effective service of Maniolo home appliances in s. 762-7029.

Art. 10 – Garbage
Waste containers are located at each house and all garbage should be sorted according to the municipality's criteria and placed in the correct barrels (regular garbage in a grey barrel but paper, plastic, and metals in the green barrel). The containers are not intended for disposal of anything other than household waste and it is prohibited to leave furniture, electronics, or such items in waste shelters; residents are referred to Kalka waste incineration plant at Berghólabraut for such.

Art. 11 – Maintenance and damage
In case of an emergency, when, for example, leaking water in apartments, electricity goes off buildings or anything else that may arise that may cause damage to structures or inhabitants, residents should immediately contact the ÍAV Emergency Services on 617 8950. The emergency service will assess the request and whether the work needs to be acted upon immediately or if the work may wait. As soon as emergency services is contacted, the resident must also send an email to the Keilir Housing Department's email address, Due to maintenance work that can withstand waiting and are the responsibility of the house owner, an email should be sent to Keilir Housing. Such requests are not accepted over the phone. Other minor events that are not the responsibility of the owner shall be paid by the resident, preferring to consult the service provider instead of taking care of the work himself. The resident is not permitted to paint himself.

The residents at Keilir Apartments are obliged to comply with house rules and other rules imposed by Keilir Housing Department. This is for everyone's benefit cause if the rules are broken and the premises poorly handled, it can result in additional costs for the residents.

Updated December 21, 2022