Preliminary University Studies

Do you want to enter a university program in Iceland but haven't finished college or secondary school education, or does your dream job require a college degree?

Keilir Academy in Iceland offers Preliminary Studies for university education taught in English. The format of the education is distance learning and takes about two years. Graduating from the programme provides access to a number of different faculties at the University of Iceland. Keilir has been offering Preliminary University Studies in Icelandic since 2007 with over 1.500 students completing the program so far.

We offer you a route in Science and Engineering field. This study will help you meet minimum academic requirements for entry to an undergraduate degree program in the University of Iceland. The study will develop your academic skills, English and Icelandic language, increase employability opportunities and prepare you for a degree in the field of Science and Engineering in the University of Iceland. 

Online Application

  • Study start and requirements

    The program is set to begin in August 2018.

    Acceptance into our program requires the following criteria to be met:

    • Applicants need to have finished at least 117 units (feiningar) in the Icelandic college system, or similar from abroad
    • Applicants have preferable reached 23 years in age
    • Work experience can be evaluated if an applicant is few units short of the minimum units required
    • General knowledge of the English language

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  • Background

    The main objective of the Preliminary Studies is to prepare students, who have a vocational training and/or sufficient practical experience in industry, with the knowledge and competency necessary for further studies at University level. This program builds on the success of the Icelandic version of the Perliminary University Studies (Háskólabrú) which Keilir has been offering since 2007. Keilir has graduated more than 1500 students and majority of them has continued study in Universities.

  • Schedule

    Further information about the composition of the program and each subjects can be found here below. Book list for new students can be found here.

  • Course Structure

    The study takes about seven semesters and is structured so students are able to work during their studies. Keilir offers study in one line of specification:

    • Engineering and Science field

    On-site courses, or weekend sessions, are held once for each course. In these cases students come at Keilir and meet up with their teacher for two whole days, Friday and Saturday, from 9:00 to 16:00.

    It´s very important that students attend the weekend session. The program is conducted in lectures and different projects. Each subject ends with a final exam or a final project. 

  • Overview of Courses

    Autumn Semester 2017 Credits Spring Semester 2018 Credits
    Study and induction week 1 Math 1 6
    Information technology 6 English 1 6
    Icelandic 1 6 Math 2 6
        Icelandic 2 6
    Summer Semester 2018 Credits Autumn Semester 2018 Credits
    English 2 6 Icelandic traditions and culture 6
    Information technology and statistics 6 Chemistry 1 6
        Chemistry 2 6
    Spring Semester 2019 Credits Summer Semester 2019 Credits
    Math 3 6 Biology 1 6
    Physics 1 6 Biology 2 6
    Physics 2 6    
    Autumn Semester 2019 Credits    
    Math 4 6    
    Icelandic 3 6    
    Total college units in Engineering and Science field: 109   
  • Tuition fees and financing

    Tuition fees for each course is 22.500 ISK*. The total tuition fees for the programme is 412.500 ISK**. The fees are paid for each semester at a time. Note that the program doesn´t qualify under governmental student financial support in Iceland (LÍN). 

    * Excluding Nám og störf 7.500 ISK
    ** The price list is subject to change

    Concerning financing it´s not possible to get a student loan, because it´s not a full-time study. But if you are a employee you should contact your union and check your rights for a scholarship.

  • Computers and Software

    Students have to bring their laptops at weekend sessions. If needed, Office 2016 or Office for Mac, are provided at school. 

  • Student Handbook

    Here you can find general information on facilities, school fees, protocols, services, computing and anything else related to your studies at Keilir. 

  • Student Counselling

    Student counsellors are available from Monday – Friday from 9:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00.

    Their job is to assist students with everything concerning the studies. That includes organizing, study techniques and special support for students with learning disabilities. For learning disabilities, formal confirmation of diagnosis is needed. 

    If further information are needed contact 

  • Transport and Accommodation

    There is free public transportation within the Reykjanesbær area, as well as favorable price with regular public transportation between Reykjanesbær and Reykjavík. 

    Here you can find further information about transportation between Reykjavík and Reykjanesbær.

    At weekend sessions you can find accommodation here in Reykjanesbær. If you want to stay at Ásbrú, close to Keilir, you can get a favorable price at Start hostel

  • Contact Information

    If you need further information regarding the study please contact