Keilir Campus at Ásbrú

The Keilir Campus community is well suited for individuals as well as families. On-site there is an elementary school, playschool, good facilities for outdoor activities, playgrounds for the children and open places for barbeque. There is an excellent restaurant on Campus, hair salon, bars and a coffee-house is within reach. All other services are close by in Reykjanesbaer where you can access shopping centers, restaurants, bars, shops and other services as well as athletic facilities and other entertainment for children and adults. On the Campus there is a fitness center and a sport center.

The campus is located next to Keflavik International Airport and is also a 30 minute drive from to the capital city center. Keilir - Atlantic Center of Excellence is in charge of Campus. Its role is to offer students at Keilir and other universities convenient and well-placed housing at a fair price. The housing comes in all sizes. 

Students and their families create the growing community at Ásbrú (where Keilir is located) along with the diverse operation of growth companies and entrepreneurs in Eldey and the multiple operation of business in the area.  

Housing Website and Application

The Keilir Housing Department taken into use a new lease management system. The application process is similar to the old system but now there is a choice between applications, student or the open market.  There are one person apartments and apartments for two individuals, apartments for couples, and family apartments with one, two, three or four bedrooms. All rooms/apartments have high speed internet connection. The wide range of apartments differs from 36m², 55m², 95m², 120m² and up to 190m² all according to each and every need. For appartment information, application and resident information please visit the Keilir Housing Website.