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Grein eftir Mike Weaver kennara í stærðfræði við Menntaskólann á Ásbrú

At Menntaskólinn á Ásbrú, we have stepped outside of the realm of the traditional Math classroom of teacher-led instruction, textbooks, and paper tests. All classroom material is online, and Khan Academy is our Learning Management System (LMS) to complement our teaching method called Flipped Learning.

What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is an online, Learning Management System (LMS) tool. It contains thorough instructional videos, articles, challenging exercises, quizzes, and unit tests to assess the students’ understanding of the material.

What is Flipped Learning?

Flipped learning is an instructional approach in which classroom-based learning is inverted so that students introduce themselves to the learning material before class, with classroom time then being used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities facilitated by teachers.

Khan Academy and the Flipped Classroom

Since the instructional videos are online, students can review the material at home and come to class ready to work and ask questions. This allows the students to maximize class time to apply what they have learned at home, rather than mostly used for lectures.

Our students particularly enjoy using Khan Academy because they get instant feedback from graded assignments. In addition, its Unit Mastery feature tracks their progress in real-time and students can level-up on the many skills within a particular section. Many of them see Khan Academy as a game, rather than work, which also makes class time interesting and fun.

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