Changes in operation due to stricter anti COVID-19 measures

On Tuesday November 3rd stricter anti-COVID-19 measures within schools will take effect as a result of a new regulation from the Minister of Health.

According to the regulation schools at the secondary and university level are allowed to maintain operation as provided a 2-meter social distance can be maintained between teachers and students alike and no more than 10 people are allowed to gather in a room. Masks are mandatory wherever a 2-meter social distance cannot be maintained.

Programs within Keilir will be conducted through online learning as possible. The main building will be disinfected daily however guest visits to the building are not allowed. All meetings will be conducted through teleconference. Staff is encouraged to conduct their work from home if possible, for the next two weeks in cooperation with administrators.

We will continue to ensure good flow of information to students and staff alike. Students will receive further information from the heads of their school regarding how studies will be conducted and further changes resulting from this regulation.

Despite these precautions it is worth a reminder that nothing comes in place of personal preventions. Handwashing, disinfecting, wearing a mask and limiting unnecessary contact with others remain the most effective measures to limit contagion.