Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

The Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate (NPTC) is an innovative online course, built to help students achieve the same quality and scope of education through home study and e-learning as would be received through traditional face to face courses.

The NPTC programme is a blended learning programme*, that has been developed to mirror all the knowledge and skill required of a European level 4 personal trainer. Graduating students will be fully prepared to excel in serving clients within a fitness club environment, or in being able to tap into their entrepreneurial skills to operate their own successful personal training business.

Nordic Fitness Education offers an online Personal Trainer certification taught in English. The programme covers all of the knowledge and skill requirements required by the fitness industry in Europe. The program is designed to develop high-quality personal trainers with outstanding knowledge and ability on how to improve human health and fitness, how to create innovative exercise programmes, and how to run a successful personal training business.

 The Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate (NPTC) course offers:

  • a flexible online programme of the study, hosted by Nordic Fitness Education, that fits around your schedule and daily life
  • built on many years of experience from the proven IAK personal training program in Iceland 
  • carefully mapped to reflect all knowledge and skills required in Europe for personal training
  • taught by renowned teachers that hold recognised degrees within their field of expertise, and have decades of practical PT experience
  • open to those who desire to start a rewarding career in a growing industry.*

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