International Programmes

Keilir Health Academy offers two primary international programmes for educating future adventure guides and personal trainers.

Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate 

The Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate (NPTC) is an online programme built to educate fitness professionals to excel in a progressive and demanding industry. The NPTC is developed and delivered by our online training division, Nordic Fitness Education. If you ...

  • enjoy helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals
  • are interested in exploring the fitness industry for viable employment options
  • enjoy learning new skills that will lead to a successful personal training career
  • would value learning from renowned and highly experienced fitness industry experts
  • prefer to study within more flexible circumstances that fit in with your life
  • are seeking to study anytime, anywhere through an excellent online programme

... this is the ideal program for you!

The NPTC is designed to meet the varied needs of the modern fitness student. It is designed to help support students in their learning journey, to develop a strong foundation in anatomy and exercise physiology, to understand and apply necessary business skills, and to grow and excel in the practical training skills that serve as the bedrock of for success as a personal trainer.

Adventure Guide 

The Adventure Guide Certificate is a 60 ECTS credit, eight-month introduction program to adventure sports and the adventure industry. This is the program for you if you ...

  • are interested in an introduction to adventure sports
  • are interested in improving current adventure sport skills
  • are interested in exploring the adventure industry as a career
  • prefer a relatively short course of study
  • wish to transfer credit earned into further Diploma or Degree studies

... this is the ideal program for you!

The Adventure Guide Certificate program in cooperation with Thompson Rivers University in Canada is an introduction to adventure sports and the adventure industry with extensive time on field activity courses and compressed and modularized classroom course instruction. This is the ideal program for entry-level adventure students and students wishing to explore their career interest in adventure-related fields.