Adventure Guide Studies with Greater Flexibility

Íslensk útgáfa

A new teaching arrangement in Adventure Guide Studies, where theoretical courses will be conducted through distance learning will offer students greater flexibility during the study period.

Ragnar Þór Þrastarson, the programs director, says the arrangement will offer more opportunities for those who live outside of Iceland’s capital region to pursue studies in adventure tourism.

“As before, half of the study will take place in the nature of Iceland. We have a have a lot of practical courses in the South, in addition to which several courses take place in the North and the Southeast corners of the country " says Ragnar. "The main change between years, however, is that theoretical courses now take place in distance learning, so that the study is well suited for those who live in rural areas or want flexibility in their studies."


Study That Opens New Avenues

Keilirs adventure guide studies program takes eight months to complete and revolves around the aspect of tourism that is physically demanding and adventurous, such as rafting, kayaking, ice climbing and mountaineering to name a few.

The program is at the university level and is conducted in collaboration with Thompson Rivers University in Canada, which is one of the world’s leading schools in specialized adventure and recreational tourism studies. All credits of the program are evaluable in postgraduate studies within TRU in the field of adventure tourism for those who intend to continue their studies.


A Growing Industry

According to Ragnar, the current situation in the tourism industry provides a unique opportunity to pursue education and skills for the future. "Adventure tourism has been one of the fastest growing fields within the global tourism industry, but adventure tourists are generally better educated, with higher incomes, and spend considerably more time and money on their travels than traditional tourists", says Ragnar.

In the coming months, there will be enormous opportunities in Iceland to further develop this branch of tourism. "Here is everything you need to maintain tourism, unspoiled nature, rugged landscapes and a rich culture. These are ideal conditions for attending specialized and practical guidance studies in the most beautiful classroom in the country. The country itself. Now is a unique opportunity for individuals outside the labor market who want to pursue practical future education or sharpen their skills in recreational tourism," says Ragnar.


The application for Adventure Guide studies in Fall of 2021 is June 14th

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