Keilir's online personal trainer programme receives European accreditation

Pete Davies and Julian Berriman from EuropeActive with Arnar Hafsteinsson and Ben Pratt from Keilir …
Pete Davies and Julian Berriman from EuropeActive with Arnar Hafsteinsson and Ben Pratt from Keilir Health Academy.

EuropeActive has accredited the new NPTC - Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate programme at Keilir Health Academy. The agency has granted the programme at Keilir with a six month trial period as the first fully online international personal trainer programme in their registry. As such all future graduates from NPTC will be signed up to the European Register of Exercise Professionals.

Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate

NPTC is an innovative course, built to help students get the same quality and depth of education through home study and e-learning. Graduating students will be fully prepared to excel in serving clients within a fitness club environment, or in being able to tap into their entrepreneurial skills to operate their own successful personal training business. 

Nordic Fitness Education offers an online Personal Trainer certification taught in English. The programme adheres to all of the knowledge and skill requirements set by the recognised professional standards body, Europe Active. The program is designed to develop high quality personal trainers with outstanding knowledge and ability on how to improve human health and fitness, how to create innovative exercise programmes, and how to run a successful personal training business.

First NPTC graduate is on the Icelandic national soccer team

Dagný Brynjarsdóttir, professional football player and member of the Iceland women's national football team, was the first graduate from NPTC in 2017: "I was looking for a personal training programme that I could study through distance learning while I continued playing professional football abroad," says Dagný, who previously completed her university studies in the USA.

"After completing the NPTC course I progressed onto Keilir's continuing education programme, the IAK strength and conditioning course that I will finish in spring 2018. I will use the knowledge and experience gained from both of these programmes when I am finished. The NPTC programme is perfect for those who are interested in developing their knowledge and education in fitness and training, especially if distance learning online is the best option for you."

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