Keilir cooperates with Arctic Adventures

Keilir Adventures Studies Program has signed a cooperation agreement with Arctic Adventures - one of the leading adventure tourism operators in Iceland - focusing on course development, access to specialized equipment and student recruitment.
Keilir has since 2013 offered an eight-month university program in adventure studies (Adventure Sport Certificate) in cooperation with Thompson Rivers University in Canada. Annually up to twenty students - both Icelandic and international - have attended the program which emphasizes on educating adventure guides with hands-on training taking place all around Iceland, e.g. see kayaking by the coast in West Iceland, white water river rafting in South Iceland and mountaineering on the glaciers in South-East Iceland.
Adventure tourism is growing rapidly in Iceland and there are great opportunities for skilled guides within the sector, both in and outside Iceland. Graduated students from Keilir have attracted the attention of Icelandic adventure tour operators with all students receiving job offers prior to their graduation. Some have also opted for additional university studies towards a Bachelor degree at Thompson Rivers University in Canada after completing their first year in Iceland. 
The cooperation agreement between Keilir and Arctic Adventures includes the possibility for graduates to enter one of the leading adventure tourism companies in Iceland. According to Styrmir Thor Bragason, CEO of Arctic Adventures, it is important that people with interest in outdoor activities and tourism acquire relevant skills and education within the fields. “We have only a positive experience from recruiting adventure guides from the Keilir-TRU Adventure Studies Program and can testify to the quality of their training the education the have received. We will continue to offer graduates from the program job opportunities at Arctic Adventures, Glacier Guides and Trek Iceland, the largest adventure tour operator in Iceland."
The third class of adventure guides at the Keilir-TRU Adventure Studies Program will start in late August this year, and you have still an opportunity to enroll. For more information please visit