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Increased hunger for adventure

Linas Kumpaitis is a 35-year-old adventure guide from Lithuania. Linas has always been a nature lover and enjoyed traveling and exploring nature. However, he always had the feeling that he could enjoy his time better and be more secure - he had this nagging feeling that he was not doing things right, that he was ill-prepared and that he was taking too many risks.

After a hectic period working at the family business in Lithuania, he decided to take a long vacation. While searching for travel opportunities, he found volunteer work in Iceland and decided to apply. "The project was year-long and that was enough time for me to fall for this wonderful country and the unique nature that can be found here" says Linas. When Linas heard about Keilir's adventure studies, he jumped at the chance. "After finishing my studies, I feel much better prepared. There were so many useful things I learned, but most important of all, the lesson was never to go to the mountains alone and unprepared. If you want to try a unique adventure, I recommend hiring an experienced adventure guide. If you dream of working in adventure tourism, I recommend that you get an education ".

Linas says he has so many good memories of the adventure tourism field that it is difficult to choose one that stands out, but says the best feeling is at the end of a trip and the customers are happy and satisfied. Since graduating, Linas has worked as a guide in Iceland. In his spare time, he has traveled the world. He says working as a guide is a great way to get to know a diverse group of people and make great friends. "I believe that my studies at TRU/Keilir benefitted me very well. It was great foundation for professional guide carrier. Also I understand that those studies are not the end. I have great passion for knowledge so I continue to study and improve in the tourism industry. I believe that when you reach certain level of competence in your carrier it's time to start your own business in that field. That is my new great adventure."

Linas is optimistic about the future despite the difficulties of the pandemic and says he is confident that it will only increase people's hunger for travel and adventure.