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Student testimonials

Here you can see excerpts from comments that graduated students have given us over the years about studying at Iceland Aviation Academy.

We consider all feedback to be positive and nothing to be so perfect that it cannot be improved. Our students place enormous trust in us and we want to show that it is deserved. Therefore, we look for opportunities for growth in the experiences they share with us.

 Tell us about your experience

Tinna María Halldórsdóttir, adventure guide for Icelandic Mountain Guides

"Before I started school, I had been in the rescue squad for over seven years, where I got most of my interest in the outdoors as well as being a scout from the age of eight. The summer before I started in Keilir, I got a job with Icelandic Mountain Guides and was then only on the short trips that are 2-4 hours on a glacier. Today I am still with them and am much more into day trips that start and end in town. For example, I take care of ice climbing, cave tours, northern lights tours and more. "

Bergrún Helgadóttir, adventure guide for Midgard Adventure

"I work as a guide for Midgard Adventure in Hvolsvöllur, the job is very varied and fun. I drive a jeep, walk on glaciers and ride a bike to name a few. The best thing about my job is to get to know so many people and show people our amazing country. The study opened many doors for me. 

Guðmundur Fannar Markússon, adventure guide, owner of Kind Adventure

"A year after I finished my guidance studies in adventure tourism at Keilir, I and my fiancé founded the company Kind Adventure. At the same time as we start the company, we are also taking over farming just east of Kirkjubæjarklaustur, which has about 350 ewes. Our main passion is mountain biking, so our trips are mostly mountain biking, but in a way that suits a wide group. Last year (2016) we decided to switch the bikes entirely to the so-called Fatbike, which opens up new opportunities for winter cycling. We offer everything from short two-hour bike rides in the vicinity of Klaustur to day trips where you go cave exploration and cycling, and last but not least a two-day bike ride around the Lakasvæðið where you stay for one night in a cozy mountain hut. These trips are like an adventure, as the area here in the vicinity of Kirkjubæjarklaustur has endless beautiful nature and opportunities for outdoor activities. "