About the Health Academy

Keilir Health Academy is one of four schools within Keilir. It's goal is to provide outstanding education in the field of health, coaching and guiding. We offer exceptional programs in personal training, strength and conditioning, as well as adventure guide education in cooperation with Thompson River University in Canada. It also offers a range of workshops and continuing education courses for professionals in the sports, health and fitness industry.

Five primary programs are offered at Keilir Health Academy: 

The IAK Personal Training Program is designed to graduate personal trainers equipped with extensive knowledge on client care, movement analyzsis, goal setting, program design and applied strength training for the general population.

The IAK Strength and Conditioning Program is an unique, advanced program that teaches coaches in performance testing, movement analysis, goal setting, program design and applied strength training for strength coaches. The course turns theory into practical application and is appropriate for ambitious trainers who want to specialize in human performance for professional athletes.

Arnar Hafsteinsson
Director of Keilir Health Academy