Preliminary University Studies at Keilir

Do you want to enter a university program in Iceland but haven't finished college or secondary school education, or does your dream job require a college degree?

Keilir now offers Preliminary University Studies (Háskólabrú) in English. The program offers individuals - who haven't finished college or secondary school education - access to university programs in Iceland. 

The objective is to prepare students - who have a vocational training and/or sufficient practical experience in industry - with the knowledge and competency necessary for further studies at university level. The program is taught in English and takes two years. The format is distance learning with occasional on-site courses or weekend sessions during the semester.
Keilir has been offering Preliminary University Studies in Icelandic since 2007 with over 1.500 students completing the program and the majority entering education in Icelandic universities afterwards. The program is organised and developed to meet the needs and requirements of adult learners and is certified by the University of Iceland.

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