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Advanced UPRT

Advanced UPRT is a new course that will prepare pilots with targeted training to recover safely from unfavourable upset attitude. The course consist of 5 hours of theory instructions which is computer based training (CBT). After finishing the CBT training the student will do a minimum of 3.0 hours of practical training with one of our specially trained instructor on a DA20 aircraft. During the practical training the student will learn how to recover the aircraft from various upset attitudes under guidance from our instructor. Once completion the student will receive a diploma, but in order to apply for the first type rating this is a required course to have completed in accordance with EASA regulation FCL.745.A. 

Course fee

Pre-entry requirements

To participate in the Advanced UPRT training course, the applicant shall have:

  1. Fluency in English; ICAO Level 4 (or higher). The student may be permitted to complete the training provided an English Language Proficiency Assessment is completed to be level 4 or greater prior to course completion.
  2. Hold or have held a valid CPL and ME/IR. If the student has completed the ME/IR skill test but is still waiting for licence, the student may join the course providing a copy of the examiner report prior to start. A copy of the licence is needed before a course completion certificate is issued.


Course Registration