Student Counselors


The main role of student and career counselors is to provide students with support during their studies with the goal to ensure their wellbeing and academic success.

Student counselor offices are located by the Keilir main office. Our counselors are Skúli Freyr Brynjólfsson and Þóra Kristín Snjólfsdóttir. Counseling is available during office hours; they can also be reached through their e-mails linked above or through the form below.

Contact a student counselor

  • Common subjects of student counselors

    There are few things concerning the human experience outside of the student and career counselor’s realm. Student counselors should approach all students with respect and listen attentively, he is there to advise rather than instruct. Among the issues counselors are commonly faced with are:

    • Advising regarding study technique and skill
    • Advising students on personal matters
    • Providing advice and assistance regarding specific learning disorders
    • Informing students about study and career paths that suit their interests and abilities
    • Advice regarding job applications and writing CV’s
    • Interviewing and administering projects to students to increase their self-knowledge
  • Study technique and skill

    As a student it is important to be well armed with an arsenal of good study techniques and acquiring the study skills necessary to succeed academically. Good study skills allow students to gain increased discipline and tools to use their time more efficiently. It is important for students to have a realistic view of their current skills, use those that serve them well but find new approaches where the old ways no longer serve them. Large sweeps are changes are not advisable but rather small gradual steps.

    Good organization, goal setting and a positive attitude is the basis of good study skills.

    Student counselors can help students gain good insight and aid regarding study technique and skill. Those interested should also keep an eye out for lectures on the subject.

  • Specific learning disorders

    Student counselors oversee special allowances for students dealing with specific learning disorders and students should be in contact with them to make such arrangements. Students must provide a diagnosis or certificate from competent authorities to gain access special allowances. If a student thinks he is dealing with an undiagnosed specific learning disorder he can be in contact with a student counselor who will assist in the diagnostic process if the student wishes.

    If students need special allowances during classwork, they need to turn in applicable documentation at the first week of term. If special allowances are needed during tests documentation needs to be turned in a month prior to testing at the latest to provide sufficient time to make applicable arrangements. If documentation is turned in late, we cannot promise that special allowances can be made available in time. Therefore, it is very important that students respect these deadlines.

    Special allowances

    Students with specific learning disorders are just as welcome as any others to study at Keilir. Students have access to a variety of measures based on their needs and wishes, including but not limited to:

    • Support interviews with student counselors
    • Longer test times
    • Enlarged lettering on materials and tests
    • Speech synthesis system
    • Computerized testing
    • Testing in a private room