Student Handbook - General Section

Here you can find general information on housing, school fees, protocols, services, computing and anything else related to your studies at Keilir. The manual is updated in August 2014. Click on the appropriate categories to get detailed information.

  • 1 School Building and Campus

    All theoretical teaching at Keilir takes place under one roof within the school building situated at Grænásbraut 910. The school was formerly the elementary school that serviced the U.S. Naval Air Base; however the building was completely renovated in 2010 in order to meet the needs of Keilir. The building is designed to create an effective working environment that supports students in their studies. 

    • 1.1 Opening Times and Entry

      The school building is open from 0745 to 1600; however it is possible to enter the building between 1600 and 2250 with the use of an electronic entry key that students can purchase at a cost of 3000 kronas (and a refundable deposit of 2000 kronas).

      The school is closed at weekends; however, entry is possible with the use of the electronic entry key between the hours of 0745 and 2245. Owners of these keys are personally responsible for their conduct and are not permitted to bring guests into the school. If the actions of a student results in the calling-out of the security services then the student is responsible for all costs involved. The alarm system within the building is active from 2300 and from this time the building must be empty as any movements within the building will trigger the alarm system.

    • 1.2 Conduct

      Keilir place great emphasis on maintaining a clean and well-ordered environment and thus students are encouraged to assist the staff at Keilir in keeping the school and surrounding grounds tidy. Classrooms and other areas should be left in an orderly state, with equipment returned to their correct place and rubbish placed in the rubbish bins. Students are requested to use the green rubbish bins in the printing room when disposing of paper. Eating food in the classrooms is not permitted. In the lobby of the school, vending machines selling drinks, sweets and snacks are available. Alcohol consumptions and the use of illegal substances are banned within the school and it‘s grounds.

    • 1.3 School Canteen - KRAS

      The school canteen (KRÁS) is open between 11:30 - 13:30 on week days, and can be found in the main hall. It is possible to buy hot meals, salad and soup as well as drinks and coffee. The canteen will open at the end of August 2019.

      It is also possible to bring food from home and a microwave and sandwich grill are available for student use. Coffee cups, plates and so on should be returned to the canteen if they have been taken elsewhere. Please do not leave coffee cups within the school‘s corridors.

    • 1.4 Smoking

      Smoking is forbidden within the school and on its grounds. Next to the student entrance of the school a special smoking shelter has been designated and it is thus possible to smoke there. Smoking in or around the school entrances is strictly forbidden. Cigarette stubs should be placed in special bins that are provided; students are responsible for emptying these bins and for keeping the smoking area tidy (a garbage container is situated to the side of the smoking shelter for such purposes). Cleaning tools can be attained from the main office (Housing Department).

    • 1.5 Furniture

      It is not permitted to change the configuration of the chairs and tables within the classroom; equally, chairs, tables and other equipment may not be moved between classrooms without the permission of the main office (Housing Department).

    • 1.6 Lockers

      Lockers are loaned out to students – one semester at a time. Further information with regards renting a locker can be found at the main reception desk. 

    • 1.7 Car Park

      Car parks are clearly marked on the grounds of the school and students are kindly requested to use either the designated parking areas or the car parks at the Sports Hall, Andrews Theatre and the Church. Disabled parking spots are clearly marked and can be found at the main entrance to the school. It is not permissible to park on the grass areas around the school and cars that are parked illegally may be removed without notice and at the cost of the car owner.

  • 2 Tuition Fees

    Tuition fees are collected specifically for each semester. The fees are based on cash payment and shall be paid on the due date at the beginning of each semester according to the most up-to-date fee list published at that time.

    If students owe tuition fees dating back to a prior semester/semesters, they can not enroll for studies again until older fees have been paid. A student’s grades will not be released until tuition fees have been paid in full.

  • 3 Computer Communications

    The school places great emphasis on computer use, with course materials and communication often taking place via the computer. Staff and students are requested to keep in mind the importance of being polite and showing respect during communications via the computer.

  • 4 Disclaimer

    Please note that all material that is published is subject to change; for example, with regards course outlines and course structures. Course leaders reserve the right to change dates or make other course changes as necessary. 

  • 5 Plagiarism

    For each course, various forms of assignments and assessments may be set forth. It is very important that students follow the instructions set out by the teachers and by the school in terms of how to complete the assignments.

    It is strictly forbidden for students to make use of the work of others in essays and assignments, without acknowledging this in accordance with proper academic procedure. Other peoples work can be in various forms, for example, books, articles, pictures and materials published electronically. The general rule is to reference the work in the reference (or bibliography) section. Teachers are permitted to use sanctions if plagiarism is committed - students will receive a warning as well as a grade zero for their work.

  • 6 Ethical Code of Conduct at Keilir

    Keilir is a community made up of students, teachers and other staff. In such a community each and every one of us must take responsibility for ourselves in our daily work; for example, by showing respect, being honest, and by demonstrating fairness without discrimination in our behaviour, studies and work. 

    1. We defend the honour of Keilir and take no action that might cast shadow on the School’s reputation in the community.
    2. We seek to look after and protect the assets and other property that is in the ownership of the school.
    3. We treat each other with respect and consideration in all our dealings – regardless of whether we are communicating electronically or via more traditional forms of communication.
    4. We prevent the occurrence of any form of discrimination, for example, in the form of gender, age, faith, nationality, race, disability, sexual orientation or opinions.
    5. We do not bully others and we inform the school management if we are witness to bullying or other forms of discrimination.
    6. We work together with integrity and do not let personal connections and vested interests affect our cooperation and work.
    7. We respect intellectual property rights, do not take credit for the work of others and always cite the sources we use in accordance with accepted academic practices.
    8. We do not accept help from others during exams/tests – regardless as to whether the exam/test is taking place in the school or at home.
    9. We are active participants in the operations and development of the School and consider it our duty to communicate information that might be conducive to improving the School.
    10. We do not turn in an assignment in one course if that assignment was previously turned in in another course – unless the assignment references the teachers from both courses.
    11. If an assignment is defined as being an individual piece of work then students are not permitted to work together. We understand that when undertaking individual assignments cooperation with others is forbidden. 

    The Managing Director of Keilir will appoint one student and two employees to the Keilir Ethics Committee. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to protect the Ethics Code at our school. If we become aware of the fact that the Ethics Code has been broken then we should inform the school’s Guidance/Study Counsellor, who will then bring together the Ethics Committee. 

  • 7 Sanctions

    The general penalty for plagiarism, breaking the ethics code or other main rules and regulations of the school can in result in the following:

    First breach: The Head of Department / Manager will discuss the breach with the student and issue a verbal reprimand.

    Second breach: The Head of Department / Manager will issue the student with a written reprimand to which it will state that it is possible to send the decision to the Faculty Committee.

    Third breach: Following a third breach, the Head of Department / Manager will refer the case to the Faculty Committee who will dismiss the student from the school. The Faculty Committee will issue the student with a written notice of their dismissal from school.

  • 8 Withdrawing From a Course

    It is possible to withdraw from a course during the autumn term until the 1st of October and in the spring term until the 1st of February. This is achieved by using the INNA website and selecting the tab for withdrawing from a course.

  • 9 Study Areas in Keilir

    In the center of Keilir main building you'll find information center for students and staff. You'll also find working space along with additional study rooms and designated areas for group and project work.

  • 10 Guidance/Study Counsellor

    The primary role of the Guidance/Study Counsellor is to provide students with a diverse range of services in order to support student well-being and academic performance. 

    • 10.1 Main role of the counsellor

      • Advice on study techniques and methods of work
      • Information about study specialization and work for both current and in-coming students
      • Advice and resources regarding specific learning difficulties
      • Provide students with personal counselling
      • Support in writing job applications/resumes
      • To promote the self-awareness of students through interviews and projects

      There are few things humans that the Guidance/Study Counsellor would consider inappropriate. The counsellor has respect for the individuals that he is assisting and actively listens. The counsellor will not tell you what to do, rather assist you in finding your own best way to solve the issue at hand.

    • 10.2 Courses

      Various short and longer workshops are on offer that relates to the aforementioned issues that the counsellor works with and these are advertised prior to being held. Give yourself time to attend courses in order to sharpen-up your study techniques and thus increase your productivity and improve your results. 

    • 10.3 Resources for students with specific learning difficulties

      The Guidance/Study Counsellor at Keilir oversees the process with regards special measures and thus students seeking such support should introduce themselves to the counsellor. If special measures are required during the period of the course then the student is required to bring confirmation of their diagnosis to the counsellor at Keilir during the first week of the course. If special measures are required during the exams, the student is required to bring confirmation of their diagnosis – in the last instance – one month before the commencement of the exam. Special measures cannot be guaranteed if the confirmation of diagnosis is returned after this time. Thus, it is vital that students respect this time limit.

    • 10.4 Counselling Service - Hours

      It is possible to book an appointment with the counsellor on Mondays through Thursday between 1300 and 1500. This can be done by either calling the main office (578 4000) or by sending an email to the counsellor.

      Drop-in sessions are available between 0930 and 1130 during the working week – except for Thursdays. Appointments are unnecessary – students can drop by and if the door is open then the counsellor is available.

  • 11 Examination Rules at Keilir

    • Students should be on time, it’s not permitted to enter an examination room after the examination has started.
    • Your examination table should be empty except for the examination materials, student’s ID, writing materials and the utilities authorised in each case.
    • All communication is prohibited during an examination – including communication with other students or electronically (emails and chat applications must be turned off).
    • Carrying and using mobile telephones during examinations is forbidden. Students must store overcoats, telephones, bags or other items outside the exam room or at the front of the room, depending on conditions.
    • If a student has mistakenly taken non-permitted materials into the exam room, they are required to hand them over to the invigilator immediately.
    • During the examination, students shall make valid personal identification available to invigilator.
    • Students are not permitted to leave the exam room during the first hour of examination.
    • Students are not permitted to leave the exam room and re-enter during examinations which are two hours in length or less.
    • At the end of all written examinations, students are required to turn in the exam questions, their answers and scratch sheets, to the invigilator.
    • Students completing their examinations before the end of the stipulated examination period shall inform the invigilator, return their examination paper and then leave the examination room and area without disturbing those who are still taking the exam.
    • Students should remember to write their name, personal identification number and the date on their examination paper.
    • The answering of the examination questions must be completed before the end of the examination period.
    • Use of tobacco is not permitted during the period of the examination.

    Examinations taken by computer

    • If an examination is taken on a computer, then the student should remember to save their exam on the computer and under their own name. This is done by selecting “Save target as” and then saving the file in a folder of your own choosing. Remember to save your work on a regular basis throughout the examination.
    • A student encountering difficulties in sending their exam to the email address: or to Moodle should inform the IT Officer at Keilir who will find a solution.
    • During computer exams, students need to leave their computers at the desk in the exam room after they have finished their exam. When given examination period is over the students can pick up their computers at the exam room.
    • Before leaving the examination venue, students should stop by at the computer service to confirm that their exam has been delivered.
    • If a student breaks any of these rules they will - in accordance with the relevant regulations at Keilir - be expelled from the examination or from the course.
    • 11.1 Procedures and Appeals

      A student who has complaints regarding the grading of their examination has the right to appeal (certain conditions apply) and thus have their examination paper graded by an independent moderator who will decide the grade.

      Exam viewing is an opportunity to discuss queries that may exist regarding the grading of a paper. Students are able to see the solutions to examination questions as well as discuss any issues with the teacher of the course. If a student is considering appealing the grading of their examination then the teacher is not permitted to hand over the solutions for the examination paper; however the student has the right to receive a photocopy of their own answers (from the examination). The reason for this is that solutions for the exam must be in the continued possession of the teacher (or other employer at Keilir) until the moderator receives it.

      An appeal by a student must be presented in written form and must provide reasoning for the disagreement in grading. This appeal must be made within 48 hours from the time that grades are published and / or from the time that the student had the possibility to look at the examination solutions at the examination viewing. 

      If the grade awarded is not under the score of 5, then the reasoning must demonstrate serious criticisms or allegations with regards the original grading.

      The moderator will review only those aspects that the student has provided  written arguments against the original grading.

      The teacher has the option to write their own written explanation for the basis of their grading (with respect to the solutions under appeal) and this explanation will be sent to the moderator along with the written arguments from the student. The teacher will also provide the Education Manager with at least 4 photocopies of the solutions from other students to which the moderator receives for comparison.  

      If a teacher receives repeated observations from a student that an examination has faults  or has to listen to accusations of this nature – to which the teacher believes are groundless, then the teacher has the right to send the examination paper to an independent moderator. This is done by informing the Educational Manager that such an action is required. The Educational Manager will then oversee the process from this point onwards. 

  • 12 IT Systems at Keilir

    The IT system at Keilir consists of an email system, printer network, WiFi, and a learning management system. Students also have access to the information system that is called Inna. In the following paragraphs it is possible to read more about how each of these service systems operates. Students need to have the Office 2010 package running on their computers (Mac users need to have Mac Office 2008 running).

    • 12.1 Moodle (learning management system)

      All course materials and communication between teacher and students takes place in the Moodle learning management system. It is important that students log-in into the system on a regular basis in order to follow the different courses that they are registered in.

      Students are also reminded of the importance of checking their emails on a daily basis since all information that is sent from the school to students is sent to students’ Keilir account (

      It is common for exam at Keilir to be taken on the computer via the Moodle platform. If an exam is uploaded into the Moodle dropbox, then the student will first need to save the file on their own computer. This is done by selecting “Save target as” and then saving the file in a folder of your own choosing. When the exam is completed, the student should upload the file (completed exam) from the chosen folder into the designated dropbox in Moodle. Students are reminded to save their work regularly. A different kind of exam (or test) may also be presented by the teacher. In such an exam there is no need to follow the procedure of “save target as” since the exam takes place within Moodle. During the first week of the first at Keilir, students receive lessons in how to use Moodle.

    • 12.2 Email

      Students email accounts are easily accessible by clicking "Webmail" the top right corner of the school’s homepage or here.

      Students receive a username and password at the beginning of their first term at Keilir which is used to log-in and access emails. It is important to check your emails at least once a day as important information from the school is sent to this email account. Equally, certain information that originates from within the information systems (Moodle and INNA) are automatically sent to your Keilir account. Your email address is in the form of “username” followed by

    • 12.3 Wireless Network Connection

      Wireless net connection (WiFi) can be found in all buildings at Keilir and is open to all and thus does not require a password in order to connect. The network is entitled KEILIR-Nemendur. Please note that it is forbidden to use the WiFi within he school to access copyrighted material; however, students are encouraged to maximize their use of the net in order to gain information that will support their learning.

    • 12.4 INNA

      Students can access INNA either by visiting the school’s homepage (see the picture above) or by visiting the following link:

      As with other systems, a username and password will be given to the student at the start of the term.

      • INNA

        Þið komist í Innu annað hvort af heimasíðu skólans (sjá hér að ofan) eða með því að fara á slóðina Notið þar Íslykilinn ykkar til að skrá ykkur inn. Ef þið hafið ekki Íslykil þá getið þið sótt um hann á slóðinni

    • 12.5 Learning Management System

      The learning management system at Keilir is called Moodle. It is possible to enter this system by visiting the school’s homepage or by typing in the following address: 

      Log-in information can be found on the right hand side of the page, whilst the username and password are the same as are used for your email and INNA.

    • 12.6 Enrolment in a course

      Once you have gained access to Moodle it is possible to select your line of study and enrol into the different courses that you are going to study. This is done is cooperation with your teachers as the courses are locked with a password that your teacher will let you have at the beginning of the course. 

    • 12.7 Printer Network

      In order to use the printer network it is first necessary to attain an access-key from the main office (front desk). Students pay 3000 krona for an access-key however 2000 krona is returned to the student when the access-key is returned at the end of the course. The next step is to download a program from the following link” and then “right click” on the program that is called “Staðarnemendur” and save this onto your desktop. When you have done this the following icon should appear on your desktop and it should be clicked on when you wish to print something.  

      The first time that you click on the link you will be asked to give your username and password. Enter this information carefully as you only need to enter it this first time. When printing after this first time you only need to click on the link and then press “Print”.

      When printing, try to print as much as possible on both sides of the paper (select “two side printing”) – by doing so you will be saving your printing credits. Keilir places great emphasis on protecting the environment – therefore we ask that everyone place their used paper and empty plastic bottles into the recycling bins. If each and every one of us makes a little extra effort we can make a difference in our environment. For example, by limiting the amount that we print we can have an immediate impact.

      In order to print on both sides of paper one should select print and then choose “print on both sides” as can be seen here:


      A good way to save paper is to include the page numbers on your notes and files that you are going to print out.

      It is also possible to decrease the line spacing and font size in your files whilst one can also re-use paper that has been printed on when printing out draft copies.

      When printing out PowerPoint slides it is possible to save paper by choosing “handouts” and then “3 slides per page”. By doing this this the slides will be printed on the left hand side of the page whilst lines appear on the right hand side – which can be used to write notes on them.

      It is also possible to select 6 or 9 slides per page.

  • 13 Evacuation Plan for Keilir Main Building

    The following exit routes are from the Keilir main building: Through the main entrance on the South side of the building, staff entrance on the South side of the building, exit at the end of corridor B on the North side, two exits from the hall at the end of corridor A (one exit to the North and one to the East), two exits from the Keilir cafeteria (next to the stage to the South and through the kitchen to the East), exit from the corridor next to the cafeteria to the East, exit through the MÁ Secondary School class room to the North, and exits to the garden to the North both through Keilir main lounge area and next to the vending machines in the main entrance. Additionally you can exit the building by exit windows located in all  all class rooms.
    Information panels for evacuation can be found throughout the Keilir main building and in all class rooms. If evacuation is needed due to emergency, please keep the following in mind:
    1. Staff and teachers assess the conditions in the facilities they occupy and decide the appropriate evacuation route, as well as the order of people evacuating the area, in order to keep an overview of the situation and ensure that no-one is left behind. Teachers count the number of people evacuating their class room prior to evacuation as well as after group assembles at the designated assembly area outside the building.
    2. Housing Manager as well as staff not involved in teaching are responsible for evacuating people from common areas, cafeteria, lounge, student rooms and bathrooms.
    3. The preferred exits are the main entrances to and from the building. Try to use those exit points whenever possible.
    4.  Leave all your school related belongings in the class rooms or in areas where it does not block evacuation routes or hallways.
    5. Assembly area is by the basketball court West of Keilir main building. Staff or teachers will make sure that all evacuees from their respective class rooms have arrived at the area. In the case that somebody is missing, please notify your teacher or Keilir staff member where the individual was last seen.
    6. In the case that someone has been hurt or injured, including mental shock, you should tend to the person involved. Please notify Keilir staff so appropriate actions can be made.
    7. No-one is allowed back into the Keilir main building after evacuation has started, unless with the permission of the responsible administrative personnel.
    8. If the building has been evacuated due to fire, the last person exiting each room should close the door behind them in order to reduce the spread of smoke and fire. Please do not take any unnecessary risk.