Statement following media coverage about water quality at Ásbrú

Following media coverage about the quality of water supplies at Ásbrú (Keflavik) the Chief Operating Officer of Keilir Group would like to make the following statement:

Water quality to every citizen is measured regularly in accordance with established health standards. Recently there have been performed new and accurate measurements by the Community Health Administration at Ásbrú in public buildings that reveal that drinking water quality is above the minimum health standards.

Keilir Headquarters at Ásbrú was launched in 2010 after thorough and extensive renovations and restructuring. We are gathering information on the extent of these renovations to establish if the water pipes were replaced during the process. Should that be the case, there will be no need to act further. If however, the water pipes are older Keilir will call for action and actual measurements on water quality in our buildings.

Until we receive a statement in accordance with the information above, we suggest for the sake of extra safety that students, staff and guests in Keilir Headquarters leave the water running for a few minutes from the faucet before using for comsumption. The same procedure is implemented for all water usage for food and drinks at our facilities including the canteen.

Further information is gladly provided by Keilir COO

Jóhann Friðrik Friðriksson