Keilir operations after Easter

Covid restrictions in Icelandic schools will be loosened after Easter and schools will be allowed to offer on-site education again pending on regulations from the Directorate of Health.
For staff and teachers coming back to Keilir school buildings and facilities the administrative staff of Keilir would like to emphasise the following:
  • Masks are mandatory in all public and open areas.
  • We will sharpen even further sanitation in the school cafeteria.
  • We will put up more information posters on hand sanitation in public areas.
  • We encourage those of you that feel any symptoms to stay at home.
Restrictive measures in Secondary Schools
  • Total amount of teachers and students in one space is limited to 30 people.
  • Keep 2 meter distance between teachers and students or use a face-mask if not possible to keep distance.
  • Students can mingle between groups and teachers are allowed to move freely between rooms.
  • Social gatherings and student activities follow separate regulations regarding Covid restrictions.
These restrictions are valid from April 1st to April 15th. 
Additional information (in Icelandic).