Conference on Flipped Learning

International Conference on Flipped Learning with Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams
14 April 2015 in Reykjanesbær, Iceland

Keilir - Atlantic Center of Excellence hosts an international conference and workshop on flipped learning 14 April in Iceland. The conference is part of the “FLIP - Flipped Learning in Praxis” project, supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The purpose of the project is to develop guidelines for the implementation of blended learning environments in which information and communication technologies (ICTs) are used to enhance students’ learning environments. 
Keynote speakers at the conference are Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, pioneers of the flipped class movement and authors of the best selling book "Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day”. At the conference, participants will be able to attend hands-on workshops focusing on how they are able to use flipped learning methods in preparing and teaching courses, as well as learn from peers about useful tools and methods.

Conference Programme

  • 09:00 Conference opening (Icelandic Minister of Education)
  • 09:30 Keynote Speakers: Aaron Sam & Jonathan Bergmann
  • 11:00 Workshop 1
  • 11:40 Coffee Break
  • 11:50 Workshop 2
  • 12:30 Lunch (included in conference fee)
  • 13:30 Workshop 3
  • 14:10 Coffee Break
  • 14:20 Workshop 4
  • 15:00 Conference Proceedings with Aaron and Jon
  • 16:00 Cocktail

Conference Workshops

  • Flipped Learning and Creative Videos
    In this workshop Thorsteinn will introduce ways teachers can flip their classroom using video recordings and how they can create videos in dynamic and creative ways. Hopefully more ways will be introduced in the workshop’s discussions.

  • Flipped Learning and Science
    This workshop will focus on how teachers can use their time with students in chemistry, physics and biology classes. We will discuss how we can make sure that students listen to the lectures before arriving to class. In the workshop we will encourage the participants to discuss how they can use new and different approaches in science teaching.

  • Flipped learning and assessments
    In this workshop we will look at the challenges of „course assessment“ in the big context, what is our goal? We will also introduce the experiments we have done with different assessments. Discussions between participants how each and every one of us can take small steps towards new thinking in both assignments and course assessments.

  • Flipped Learning, Video Recordings and eBooks in Math
    In this workshop we will introduce the app Explain Everything and how it can be used for making math teaching videos. We will also focus on making interactive ebooks with iBooks Author. We will open for discussion in the end and participants are invited to make their own videos of ebooks.

  • Apps and Social Media in the Flipped Classroom
    After a short introduction (that can be viewed here: on the term ‘social media’ og how it can be useful in schools, participants will be divided into two groups. Those who want to talk about utilizing social media will be in one goup, those who would like to take this opportunity and get some help starting out in Facebook and/or Socrative. Discussion points and guidelines for 'hands-on' will be distributed on site. The workshop’s supervisor, Thordur, will assist both groups as needed.

  • Flipped classroom and continuing education
    In this workshop we will introduce how companies can make use of technology and online learning platforms for staff development. Utilizing such possibilites companies could lower their expencis by not sending the employees on training and educational trips.

  • Flipped classroom and music learning
    In this workshop we will discuss how music teachers can take advantage of flipped learning, how they can record lectures and training videos and how that changes the role of the music teacher. In the end we will have discussions on the pros and cons of flipped learning for music learning, the possibilites for distance music learning and the challenges of digital music teaching.

  • Application of flipped classroom in vocational studies
    Vocational training in vocational studies has a tradition of having students working independently with the directed assistance of an advisor. In this workshop we will explore how the flipped classroom approach is already incorporated in vocational studies and how it improves student participation. A modern approach to implementing a flipped classroom will be presented.

  • Flipped learning and administrators
    We will discuss the role of the administrator in the process of implementing the flipped classroom. What are the main objects to look at with respect to the planning, preparation, implementation, presentation, to staff, facilities, union contracts, technical issues etc. What can the administrator do?

  • Flipped classrooms and language teaching
    How do we flip a language classroom? Moreover, does it improve student ability? In this workshop, we will look at the organisation and implementation of flipped learning in teaching German and English languages. This will be followed by a discussion amongst participants as to the effectiveness and best approaches to flipping the language classroom.

  • Flipped classroom and social studies
    In this workshop we will discuss how we can create assignments in social studies that are suitable for the flipped classroom. How can we help students enhance their understanding on social studies, creating projects that will allow them to experience social dilemmas on their own and learn from that. Finally we will have discussions on the flipped classroom and social studies.

  • Flipped learning and simple recordings for Information Technology
    We will discuss how teachers in information technology can use simple recordings with Camtasia Relay which records both sound and screen. Examples of Microsofr Excel and Word will be shown. Since all students should have watched the recordings beforehand, we will also discuss how teachers can use classes for assignments. Open discussion in the end.

  • Flipped learning and technical support
    In this workshop we will focus on the technology side of the flipped school. We will discuss basic equipment, recordings and hosting, as well as software and hardware necessary for flipping your classroom. 

  • The Blended Classroom: How teachers can use blended learning to engage their students in exciting new ways
    Designed for teachers and how they want to teach, itslearning is a cloud-base learning platform that connects teachers, students, parents and school leaders both in and outside the classroom. It gives teachers countless ways to create engaging lessons and resources, makes sharing materials easy, and automates routine tasks so teachers have more time to focus on their students. This presentation looks at some of the possibilities offered by itslearning and shows how teachers can engage their students with exciting and rich multi-media content that can be used at in the classroom, at home, and online. Join us for a dynamic and fast-paced presentation that may open your eyes to what the future may hold.

  • Flipped classroom on university level

  • Flipped classroom for students with learning disabilities

Additional workshops TBA

Additional Information

The objective of the conference is to give an insight into how teachers and school administrators can implement flipped learning in schools or individual courses on all school levels. The conference and workshop are especially beneficial for those interested in or those currently implementing flipped learning, and takes place at Keilir in Iceland on 14 April 2015. 

Conference fee is 30 EUR for the whole day.

Conference and Workshop Registration