FLIP - Flipped Learning in Praxis

The “FLIP - Flipped Learning in Praxis” project, is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The purpose of the project is to develop guidelines for the implementation of blended learning environments in which information and communication technologies (ICTs) are used to enhance students’ learning environments. 

In particular, the project will seek to identify common factors across school levels and European contexts that promote:

  • effective use of information technologies to support students’ learning,
  • student-driven learning environments,
  • and student collaboration for project-based learning.

FLIP - Flipped Learning in Praxis will focus on workshops and training activities for teachers in and development of guidelines for educational institutions interested in implementing flipped learning methodology, with special emphasis on schools in rural and remote areas, as well as small and special needs schools. Additional focus will be on VET teachers, providing them with the capacity of extended hands-on and practical work during school time.

By implementing flipped learning in these schools we aim to create an equal opportunity for students to receive education, battle dropouts, strengthen rural communities and use innovative and new methodologies in ICT in the educational system. The benefits will be lower costs material costs in the long run, better access to quality teaching materials (especially important for rural areas) and focus on individual learning (whereas they can access the teaching material according to their own progress and speed).

During the project life-time the participating partners will run workshops for teachers and develop materials and guidelines for schools that are interested in implementing flipped classroom methodology in their education, as well as create a common platform for educators to share their tools, best practices, and methods. The project will build on existing initiatives in Europe as well as run pilot programmes in partner countries in order to develop guidelines and display best practice cases. 

For more information please visit the Project Website or contact Arnbjorn Olafsson, Project Manager.


FLIP Project Partners

The project partners are from educational institutions and organisations in Iceland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Slovenia and the UK.

Keilir – Atlantic Center of Excellence (Iceland)
University of Iceland - School of Education
Mentor (Iceland)
Consorzio Lavoro e Ambiente (Italy)
Giunti Scuola (Italy)
Institute of Education - University of London (UK)
Miska (Slovenia)
Sandvika Secondary School (Norway)
sofatutor (Germany)

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