Educational offers

Keilir consists of four different schools: Aviation Academy, Health Academy, Secondary School and a Preliminary University Studies Department. Each School has its own aims, in accordance with Keilir's objectives, and builds on the importance of an International Airport and environmentally friendly resources besides collecting and using existing knowledge in the surrounding area.

Aviation Academy

Keilir's Aviation Academy Private- or Professional Flight Training, as well as flight instructor courses and type rating training. Emphasis is placed on advanced teaching-methods and the teaching environment since the school's location offers unique opportunities and creates excellent environment for aviation related studies.

Health Academy

Keilir's Health Academy aims to develop and provide outstanding education in the field of health, soundness, sports and pedagogy. Currently there are two programmes focusing on Personal Training and Professional Strenght Training. From Autumn 2013 Thompson Rivers University will offer a one-year Adventure Sport Certificate programme in cooperation with Keilir Health Academy. Student's facilities for studying and exercising are excellent, teaching and training takes place in the new building of Sporthusid next door to Keilir main building. 

Preliminary University Studies

In collaboration with the University of Iceland keilir offers a program of Preliminary University Studies for adults. The main objective is to prepare students, who do not fullfill admission qualification, with the knowledge and competence  necessary for further studies at university level. Completion of studies in the Department of Preliminary University Studies prepares the student for admittance to most Universities in Iceland pursuing to a contract between Keilir, The University of Iceland and the Ministry of Education. The aim is to prepear student for challenging studies at universities in Iceland as well as abroad. The department offers the possibility of distance lerning as well as traditional learning.