Educational Community

Keilir - Atlantic Center of Excellence

Keilir consists of four different schools: Aviation Academy, Health Academy, Institute of Technology and a Preliminary Department where the main objective is to prepare students, who have a vocational training and/or sufficient practical experience in industry, with the knowledge and competency necessary for further studies at university level.

Each School has its own aims, in accordance with Keilir's objectives, and builds on the importance of an International Airport and environmentally friendly resources besides collecting and using existing knowledge in the surrounding area.

Háaleitisskóli at Ásbrú

A new elementary school - Háaleitisskóli - was opened at Ásbrú in August 2008. The elementary school is intended for 1st-5th class and is run by Njardvikurskoli. There are 6 classrooms at the school as well as a hall room, a teachers lounge, a room for music classes, an interview room exc. A music school will offer pre- music classes for children in 1st and 2nd class as well as special music classes for the older ones. This is optional for each child and will be in accordance with a parental agreement. A warm lunch will be offered at the school. Other information on after school programs, the schools calendar exc. can be found here.

Information on enrollement to this school and all other schools at Reykjanebaer can be found here.  

The Völlur playschool   

In the spring 2007 the playschool Völlur was opened. Children aged 2-5 years are allegeable at Völlur. The playschool is run by Hjallastefnan ehf. and operates according to their vision. The playschools housing was fully renovated before opening and is now equally equipped as other playschools in Reykjanesbaer.

As all other playschools that operated in accordance with the vision of Hjallastefnan. Their vision is to separate boys and girls during part of the day but they also practice communication with each other during a joint time. Instead of ordinary toys the children play with material like homemade clay, wood building blocks, mattresses and pillows. The vision of Hjallastefnan emphasizes on positive discipline that encourages stability and security in the children’s environment as it creates peace and quiet which is one of Hjallastefnan‘s trademarks.