Student interns from Sweden at KAA

Keilir is currently hosting two students from Lund University School of Aviation in Sweden (Trafikflygarhögskolan). As a part of their studies, Anna Palmqvist and Viktor Varhelyi, chose to do their two week internship at Keilir Aviation Academy in Iceland, staying on campus and working alongside our professional pilot students and instructors.
Speaking with Keilir, they expressed their interest in both the school and Iceland as destination for pilot training. "We were impressed with the facilities at Keilir Aviation Academy and surprised of how many pilot students are enrolled in your classes" they agreed and mentioned that their university annually enrols twenty pilot students. For them it was also a perk to live and operate so close to an international airport, with the commercial aircraft and flight operation in and about the student training.
During their stay at Keilir Anna and Viktor will be working alongside our staff and instructors, learning about the international training environment at Keilir Aviation Academy. We hope they enjoy their stay in Iceland and wish them all the best in their future endeavours in the skies.