Largest ever ATPL graduation class in Iceland

Keilir - Icelandic Aviation Academy graduated 78 ATPL students on 12 June 2020. This is the largest single graduating class ever to complete professional pilot program in Iceland. The graduation ceremony took place at Hljomaholl Cultural Center in Reykjanesbær, Iceland. 
After the ceremony a total of 410 ATPL students have graduated from Keilir Aviation Academy since the school was established a little over a decade ago.
Bjorn Ingi Knutsson, Director of the Aviation Academy, presented graduates with their certificates along with David Brar Unnarsson, Deputy Chief Flight Instructor.
Kayla Jo Baranowski received acknowledgment for best overall achievement with a grade average of 9,5 (out of 10). She received gifts from Norlandair, Air Atlanta og Bluebird Nordic. Margrét Þórhildur Maríudóttir gave commencement speech on behalf of the class of ATPL students.
Next professional pilot courses start in late August 2020. Class courses take place either at Keilir Academy main campus at Asbru or at our facilities in Hafnarfjordur – Reykjavik. Training aircraft are located at both Keflavik and Reykjavik airport.
Photos from Keilir Graduation on 12 June 2020 (Photography: Oddgeir Karlsson)