Keilir - Icelandic Aviation Academy graduates 25 ATPL students

Keilir - Icelandic Aviation Academy graduated 25 ATPL students on 17 January 2020. The graduation ceremony took place at Hljomaholl Cultural Center in Reykjanesbær, Iceland. 
After the ceremony a total of over 1.200 ATPL students have graduated from the combined schools of Keilir Aviation Academy and Icelandic Flight Academy, with well over three hundred active ATPL students on annual basis. The two largest pilot training providers in Iceland merged in 2019.
Bjorn Ingi Knutsson, Director of the Aviation Academy, presented graduates with their certificates along with Baldvin Birgisson, Head of Training.
Arnar Freyr Jónsson received acknowledgment for best overall achievement with a grade average of 9,82 (out of 10). This is the second highest grade average in the history of Keilir Aviation Academy. He received gifts from Icelandair, Air Iceland Connect, Norland Air and Air Atlanta. Lars Gustaf Danielsson gave commencement speech on behalf of the class of ATPL students.