Keilir Aviation Academy graduates 48 candidates

ATPL Graduates - January 2017
ATPL Graduates - January 2017

Keilir Aviation Academy graduated at total of 48 candidates - 29 professional pilots and 19 aircraft engineers - on 13 January at Andrews Theater in Keflavik Iceland. This is one of the largest class of professional pilots graduating from Keilir. 

Runar Arnason, Head of Keilir Aviation Academy and Snorri Pall Snorrason, Head of Training, presented graduates with their certificates and Ásbjörn Halldór Hauksson gave the commencement speech on behalf of the graduating class. Marie Laure Jeanne E. Parsy received acknowledgement for best overall achievement with a grade average of 9,54 (out of 10) and received book gifts from Icelandair and WOW air.

A total of 157 ATPL students have graduated from the Aviation Academy since the school was established in 2008. The number of pilot students at Keilir Aviation Academy has multiplied over the past few years and currently the school has the largest professional pilot program class in Iceland. 

Additionally the Academy graduated 19 Aircraft Engineers in cooperation with AST (Air Service Training) in Scotland. This was the second time Keilir and AST graduate Aircraft Engineers from the school Björn Pálsson received acknowledgement for best overall achievement with a grade average of 9,4 (out of 10). He received a book gift from ISAVIA. A total of 41 candidates have graduated from the program.