INTEMIS Erasmus+ Final Conference

The final project conference on Flipped Learning in Schowill take place at Istituto Istruzione Superiore in Salerno, Italy on 26 June 2018. The conference will be conducted in a participative way, with interaction with the public, Q&A and debates. Participants will have the opportunity to show and share their material and ask for suggestions to experts of flipped learning.

INTEMIS - Innovative Teaching Method for an Inclusive School

The objective of the project (INTEMIS) is to introduce in VET School and Center, ICT based Flipped Learning, an innovative and student-centred pedagogical approach, to increase the quality of teaching and learning, to help reduce early school leaving, to decrease the number of under-skilled teenagers, and ultimately to support modernization of education and training systems. Furthermore the project aims to improve teacher and students digital literacy and  increase motivation of both students and teachers, enhance academic success, improve social skills of students, make students love their school and lessons so to contribute to reduce early school leaving and, generally, to develop schools’ teaching and learning.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ and involves partners from Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Iceland. For additional information please visit the project website.