1.200 people have graduated as professional pilots in Iceland

The newly merged Icelandic Flight School and Keilir Aviation Academy have jointly graduated close to 1,200 professional pilots during the past two decades.

The Icelandic Flight School was established in 1998 and had until last Spring graduated over 2,000 students including 883 from their ATPL program. Since Keilir Aviation Academy was established a decade ago, the school has graduated 307 professional pilot students. Combined, the schools have thus graduated on average more than 60 professional ATPL pilots annually over the past two decade, a number that has been steadily rising over the past few years. 90% of Keilir's pilot students have landed a job within twelve months of graduation.

It is clear that Icelandic flight schools play an important part in the future of aviation both in Iceland and abroad. It is forecasted that airlines have to recruit 255,000 new pilots over the next eight years and 800,000 pilots over the next two decades, with about 20% of the jobs being based in Europe. A comprehensive and thriving pilot training education and environment in Iceland will be key to deliver qualified and skilled personnel in the industry in the future, both in Iceland and abroad.

Currently there are over three hundred pilot students at Keilir Aviation Academy - the Icelandic Flight School. Despite a temporary setback within the Icelandic aviation industry with the collapse of WOW air earlier this year, the future is bright for professional pilots, both internationally and in Iceland. If you are considering a career path in aviation, professional pilot education in Iceland is an interesting and challenging study path.

Next professional pilot courses - both integrated and modular - start in January 2020. Class courses take place either at Keilir Academy main campus at Asbru or at our facilities in Hafnarfjordur - Reykjavik. Training aircraft are located at both Keflavik and Reykjavik airport.