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Iceland Aviation Academy Exam Schedule 2021

Retake Exams will be performed in the school premises at Grænásbraut 910, Reykjanesbæ. 

To be allowed to sit exams, students need to sign up on the website and make the payment by card. If there is no payment we are not expecting the student. If the student does not show up for the exam, the payment is non refundable and cannot be used for other exam.

  • Retakes: If you click sign up for ATPL retakes you can see what subject you can choose each time
  • Students must register for the exam on the registration page "skráning í PPL/ATPL próf"
  • Registration for the test is only valid if registration and payment for the required test is done before registration deadline
  • Payment for each retake in ATPL and PPL/Basic course is according to Pricelist

Exam scedule is subject to possible changes