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Pilot Programs

Iceland Aviation Academy offers ambitious flight training in one of the market leading flight schools in the Nordic region. The courses are based on a pan-European curriculum for the issuance of flight licenses issued by EASA - the European Aviation Safety Agency and are therefore taught according to EASA Part-FCL standards. The programs are approved by the Icelandic Transport Authority and are supervised by them.

Private Pilot Program

Private pilot training is primarily intended for those who want to practice sport flying, for the enjoyment of themselves and others. Upon completion of your studies, you will obtain a pan-European Private Pilot License (Part-FCL) which entitles you to fly a single-engine airplane in a passenger flight with passengers free of charge around the world. Private pilot training is both fun and challenging, which is divided into theoretical and practical training.

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Professional Pilot Programs

Professional Pilot training is for those who want to acquire the right to operate passenger aircraft anywhere in the world. Those who complete their commercial pilot training at the Icelandic Aviation Academy acquire all the rights that airlines require when hiring pilots.

There are two options for commercial aviation training, modular commercial aviation training or integrated commercial aviation training. Both methods give the same rights at the end of the study, but various additions, emphases and length of study separate the programs. 

Flight Instructor Rating

The Flight Instructor Rating is a great way for you to gain skills and have the oppurtunity to teach others to fly. Teaching flight is a great way to start your career and inspire future generations of aviatiors. 

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Professional Advancement Courses

Iceland Aviation Academy offers a wide range of courses for pilots, such as:

  • Multi Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation Courses (MCC / JOC)
  • Renewal of rights
  • Flight instructor refresher course
  • English Assesment
  • Advanced UPRT

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