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Here you can see excerpts from comments that graduated students have given us over the years about studying at Iceland Aviation Academy.

We consider all feedback to be positive and nothing to be so perfect that it cannot be improved. Our students place enormous trust in us and we want to show that it is deserved.

Tell us about your experience

Marteinn Urbancic

The ground training was well structured, the teachers excellent and everything was set up in a professional manner. I especially liked the class structure as it is good to have a group of students around you where everyone is headed in the same direction

Hildur Björk Pálsdóttir

I graduated as a commercial pilot from Keilir in the beginning of 2014, started teaching PPL at Keilir the same year and working as a flight attendant at Icelandair. Collected 100 hours in Daytona Beach in Florida. Started as a pilot with Icelandair in the spring of 2016.


Steingrímur Páll Þórðarson

It was great to study at the Academy, experienced teachers, a great environment and good lessons for the future. Since then, I've been around a lot, starting with Emirates as a flight attendant on the A380 and B777. I later got a job in Germany as a pilot on the D328, Air Atlanta later on the B744 and finally SAS on the B737 where I am now.

Christina Thisner

I had a good time. I'm now working as First Officer at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) based in Stockholm Arlanda airport, Sweden. I started the Advanced Training Program in the autumn 2013 and finished summer 2014. A few weeks later I had the first airline interview and after half a year I flew the Boeing 737 for the first time and this is now what I do daily. I am very happy about my time in Iceland. The school offered flexible training, good prices, motivated instructors, good resources and modern visions. In Iceland you get exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and challenging environments that makes it perfect for training. Just the option of flight school I was looking for.