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Private Pilot Program (PPL) now available in distance learning


The Iceland Aviation Academy Private Pilot program will be available through distance learning this fall. Lessons begin on August 30th, with the application deadline set on August 15th. 

The Private Pilot program in distance learning is taught in parallel with on-site training. The program lasts 10 weeks in total with exams and runs from August 30th to November 5th 2021.

The program is based in CBT (Computer Based Training), where students watch lectures and then work on assignments and take practice exams. In distance learning there is a 10% compulsory attendance and there will be two standard sessions during the study period. Students have easy access to a teacher during the course. Final exams will be held at the school on weekends, but as in on-site studies, students must pass a school exam to be eligible for an examination at the Icelandic Transport Authority. On-site students who wish to do so can transfer to distance learning if they so wish.

As a private pilot, you gain the privileges to fly on single engine airplanes, under visual conditions and with passengers, nonprofit, in all of the European countries. A Private Pilot Licence holder has an option to attend Commercial Pilot Course also taught at Iceland Aviation Academy.

The Private Pilot course at Iceland Aviation Academy is composed of two parts, the theoretical part and practical flight training. PPL Ground Course is distance learning course with classroom modules.


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