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Open for applications for fall 2021

Íslensk útgáfa

We have opened for applications for our pilot courses of fall 2021. Application deadlines vary depending on programs but we encourage applicants to submit their applications in a timely manner. 


Integrated Professional Pilot Program (IATPL)

The Integrated Professional Pilot Program is designed for students with no or limited previous experience. It is a highly structured and comprehensive program that focuses on your goal of becoming a First Officer with an airline such as Icelandair, SAS, Norwegian, Emirates, Ryanair etc. In recent years around 90% of our students from this program finds a job within the first year of graduation.

Application deadline: August 30th 2021

Contact us regarding the IATPL program


Advanced Training Program (Modular ATPL)

Iceland Aviation Academy teaches in accordance with the EASA Part-FCL requirements and have approved teaching status from the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration; furthermore, the course syllabus follows that given out by EASA in accordance with pan-European issuing directives for pilot licences.

Graduates will gain the certification that airline companies demand when recruiting pilots to fly modern passenger aircraft.

Application deadline: August 30th 2021

Contact us regarding the Advanced Training Program


Private Pilot License

As a private pilot, you gain the privileges to fly on single engine airplanes, under visual conditions and with passengers, nonprofit, in all of the European countries.  Private Pilot Licence holder has an option to attend Commercial Pilot Course also taught at Iceland Aviation Academy.

The Private Pilot course at Iceland Aviation Academy is composed of two parts, the theoretical part and practical flight training. PPL Ground Course is distance learning course with classroom modules. The studies are fun and challenging. 

Application deadline: August 30th

Contact us regarding the Private Pilot Program


Flight Instructor Certificate (FI(A))

The Flight Instructor Certificate (FI) prepares you for the role as a flight instructor. During the course 8-12 week program you will learn how to prepare briefings and conduct practical sessions for flight training. The Flight Instructor Certificate is a good way to gain experience after you have finished your commercial pilot training, and it gives you the opportunity to refine your pilot skills. 

Application deadline: May 3rd

Contact us regarding the Flight Instructor program


Need help?

Our student counselors are willing and able to assist prospective students in their choice of study. We encourage those who are unsure of which program to choose, if they fulfill the requirements or have any questions regarding their course of study to contact them and get some assistance. 

Contact a student counselor