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Professional Integrated Cadet Program with Icelandair and Keilir

Icelandair - in cooperation with Keilir Aviation Academy - will offer a Professional Integrated Cadet Program, in order to support the continuous growth of the company and secure qualified future pilots. Icelandair will offer students professional and financial support for parts of the program. Additionally approved applicants that start the program will receive a priority status when applying for future work at Icelandair.

The program is open to all and there are no prerequisites for applicants to have any prior flight experience or have already begun their pilot training. The first students will be able to commence their studies at Keilir Aviation Academy at the start of the next professional pilot course on 19 January 2018 and could thus begin their career at Icelandair already in 2019. Current ATPL and professional pilot students are also eligible to apply for the program.
"This approach in pilot education and training is well known within international airlines and we seek this opportunity in order to secure the continuing growth of Icelandair" says Hilmar B. Barldursson, VP of Flight Operations at Icelandair. "This is a new path towards becoming a professional pilot, and an addition to the existing and study paths available, that aims to increase the number of people that chose a professional career in aviation", says Hilmar.
Information Meeting about the new Program 
Icelandair and Keilir Aviation Academy invites current pilot students at Keilir to attend an information meeting about the new Professional Integrated Cadet Program on Wednesday 27 September at 2pm in classroom B6 at Keilir Main Building on Asbru. The meeting is only intented for current pilot students at Keilir, and will focus on the financial support, as well as other benefist and aspects of the program.
Icelandair also offers an open introduction meeting about the new training program at Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, Iceland, the same day (27 September) at 17:00. You can register for the meeting on the Icelandair website.