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Flight Instructor (FI) Course

Keilir Aviation Academy will offer a Flight Instructor Course with study start on 28 September 2015. The course includes both theoretical courses and flight training.
Theoretical Knowledge
125 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction and training includes
  • Theory of Teaching and Learning classroom tuition
  • Practical application of teaching techniques in classroom, simulator and aircraft
  • Online instructional videos and computer based training material
  • Books and materials
The classroom tuition is expected to take 3 weeks of evening classes
the practice tuition will be combined with actual classroom instruction with an experienced instructor and real-life students and is scheduled to take place during the day time on flexible days available throughout the duration of the course or until the practice is complete.
Flight Training
35 hours of flight instruction and training includes
  • 20 hours on a DA20
  • 5 hours on a DA40
  • 10 hours on an MCX