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Flight Instructor (FI) Course in September


The Flight Instructor Certificate (FI) prepares you for the role as a flight instructor. During the course twelve week program you will learn how to prepare briefings and conduct practical sessions for flight training. The Flight Instructor Certificate is a good way to gain experience after you have finished your commercial pilot training, and it gives you the opportunity to refine your pilot skills. 

  • Next course: September 27th
  • Duration: 8-12 weeks
  • Instructor pool: After training completion you will be in the Keilir instructor pool
  • All training is conducted in English

Theoretical Training - 125 hrs classroom course (5 weeks)

In this part we will cover most aspects of the instructional technique and theory, psychology, human performance and limitation during instructions, as well as the structure, presentation and lecture technique, with both shorter and longer practice lectures within the classroom.

Flight Training - 30 hours

Here we combine the instructional theory and flight training to enhance, demonstrate and instruct the student during all phases of flight. The flight training is in total 30hrs minimum and 5 of them are to be flown with another flight instructor candidate where they teach each other during flight.