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Cooperation Agreement between Keilir and EAA

Fridrik Olafsson and Jenný María Unnarsdóttir
Fridrik Olafsson and Jenný María Unnarsdóttir

Keilir Aviation Academy and European American Aviation in Naples, Florida, have signed a cooperation agreement for hour building and licence conversion.

The agreement specifies that pilot students at Keilir will have the possibility and necessary assistance for hour building at EAA in Florida. Likewise, students who train at Europe American Aviation can go on to train with Keilir Aviation Academy to achieve their FAA to EASA Conversion in one seamless program.

Friðrik Ólafsson, Chief Ground Instructor at Keilir Aviation Academy, signed the agreement with Jenný María Unnarsdóttir, point of contact for EAA and former ATPL student at Keilir. For more information please contact Jenný María Unnarsdóttir.